DIY Kimono Tutorial

I’ve been meaning to make myself a kimono for months now. A complete computer meltdown on Monday meant I finally got round to finishing this one.  This is actually version two. As you can see from the tutorial below, version one was the prettiest white with roses.  Unfortunately it met a sad ending when I was trying to dye it blue on the stove top alongside cooking Eamon’s dinner.  I had a little sulk about ruining something I spent a few hours sewing but definitely learned my lesson on multi-tasking that day.

If you want to make your own version, choose the silkiest, softest fabric you feel you can work with.  The silkier it is; the nicer it will fall, but silky can be a little tricky to sew, so choose what you know you can work with.

Cut your fabric to end up with five pieces as follows. Over-lock all edges.


1. Fold the back piece right sides together and lay the front pieces along the unfolded edge.

2. Snip an arc on the back piece from the fold to the top edge of the front piece. Do the same for the bottom of the back piece.


3. Open out the back piece.

4. Adjust or neaten up the curve if you need to.  (Curves can be a little tricky to hem.  If you are a beginner, creating less of a curve will make sewing easier).



5. Fold the sleeve pieces lengthwise with right sides together. Sew the edge opposite the fold.

6. With right sides together pin and sew the front pieces to the top.  You will sew along the top on either side of the neck arc and down the sides leaving a 30cm gap at the top on each side.


7. Turn the sleeves right side out and fit into the sleeve hole lining up the seams.  Pin and sew.

8. Over-lock the neck and bottom edge.  Turn over twice and hem.


That’s it!  I’m definitely off to find some beautiful floral fabric now, ready to make a few different versions for cool Autumn mornings.


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  • Krysta Paramithi
    10 years ago

    This is so beautiful Bettina! Thanks for sharing!

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