DIY Gifts Decorative Serving Board

decorative serving board


I was going to publish this decorative serving board post before Christmas but I didn’t know how I’d get around the fact that my sister-in-law would see her present before she got it.


So maybe this will make a great Christmas gift for someone next year?  Or an anytime present for someone you love.


decorative serving board


How to make your own decorative serving board.


All you need to create one of your own is a chopping board, a ruler and some black and white pens. I used a black Sharpie and a white Faber-Castell Pitt artist pen.    In hindsight I would use white paint as well next time and do the white first, then the black marker over top as the white was pretty time consuming to do all with the pen.


I bought my serving board for a good price from Trade Secret and the pens from a local art store.


If you’re nervous about doing the drawing free-hand you may like to map it out first in pencil or plan it on a piece of paper.  I like to wing it. 😉


decorative serving board decorative serving board


So there you have it. Super simple inexpensive gift you can make in less than a couple of hours.


What do you think?

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