What a difference a year makes

what a difference a year makes

If this time last year you told me that in a years time I would be 22 weeks pregnant, renovating another house in our dream location by the beach and in a really good place in my relationship, I would have laughed at you. And then probably had a big Ol’ ugly cry as well.


Last year we didn’t celebrate our anniversary. In fact I escaped to my parents place because the day just served as a reminder of how we had let everything fall apart. We barely managed to say ‘happy anniversary’ over the phone and I can still feel that painful lump in my throat thinking about it.


This year we laughed at ourselves as we took a ‘family trip’ to the newsagent to get our cards the day before. We may have written on them whilst fighting a toddler who wanted to get a piece of the card scribbling and ripping action but what we each wrote showed just how far we’ve come in a year. And we appreciated every minute of our night out together, because we really know just how lucky we are to have pulled our shit together in time.


I guess it really does show you how in our dark moments, when we can’t even imagine feeling good again, that we just need to trust that time really will make it better.  That in a years time the pain will fade, people will change and that life will give you what you need if you keep working towards it.


Where were you this time last year?

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