Counselling & Guidance

Asking for help can be bloody hard. I know because I personally resisted it for so long as well.

I’ve struggled through the first year of motherhood feeling isolated and a whole lot lost. I’ve battled with the grief of losing babies and trying to conceive. I’ve tried to manage anxiety and overwhelm on my own without support.

And each time I crashed and burned and had to learn the hard way that trying to do it all on your own often ends up costing you a whole lot more in the long run. Each time, my health deteriorated. My relationships suffered. And worst of all, I wasn’t enjoying any of it.

Now? My monthly appointments with my own counsellor and asking for help regularly are just as important as eating well and moving regularly.

If you’re feeling like you need some support but aren’t sure where to get it or are worried what others will think, please know that this kind of ‘work’ is one of the greatest gifts of self-care you’ll ever give to yourself (and your family – because let’s face it your mood sets the tone for everyone else).

I offer counselling and guidance sessions around all areas of motherhood.¬†Whether you want to work through specific issues like anxiety and depression, grief and loss, preparing mentally and physically for birth, releasing birth trauma and fears, or you’re just generally feeling lost and are seeking guidance on how to start feeling like yourself again, I would be honoured to work with you.

Sessions with me involve a whole range of modalities including:

  • talk therapy
  • energy healing
  • intuitive work
  • art therapy
  • breath work
  • meditation
  • & more

An introductory session is $75 for one hour and we’ll either meet in my studio here on the Sunshine Coast or we can connect remotely via Skype. ¬†Further sessions are available via package rates and we’ll discuss this at the end of our first call.

If you’d like to purchase and book your introductory session you can do so here.