Coping with anxiety during COVID-19

We’re all feeling extra anxious at the moment. We’re out of our normal routine. This COVID-19 experience is something we’ve never been through before and so much of it is out of our control.

It’s a perfect recipe for anxiety. Especially if you’re already prone to it.

If you’ve been feeling anxiety during COVID-19 I want to share some of my tips for managing these feelings.

anxiety during COVID-19

How to cope with anxiety during COVID-19

Keep up all of your good habits

Now is not the time to stop doing all of the things you regularly do that make you feel healthy. If you normally exercise every day or every other day, keep doing that. If you normally eat well, keep it up. If you normally sleep 8 hours, set your alarm to keep your regular schedule. Anxiety spirals when we don’t look after ourselves so it’s important to keep up all of your good habits at this time.

Create a new routine for yourself

One of the things that feels so unsettling about being in lock down is that we no longer have our regular routines to keep us sane. Creating your own new routine will help you feel more grounded in this strange time. It doesn’t have to be complicated, just try to include those good habits that you’re trying to maintain, and give yourself lots of downtime. Anxiety is exhausting! Ours at the moment looks a little bit like this.

6 – 7am wake up

7.30am yoga or walk

8.30am breakfast

9am outside activity (we often go down to the river for an ‘adventure’ or just go on a walk to explore our new area)

10.30am morning tea

11am school work while the baby naps

12pm lunch

1pm free play

3pm outside activity

4.30pm free play or finish school (I usually start prepping dinner, tidying house, etc).

5.30pm dinner

6pm TV/ iPad / chill out / baths etc

7pm boys go to bed

7.30pm If Andrew is at work, I usually work until about 10pm. If he is home we hang out together, watch something on Netflix, etc.

10pm Bed

Find a way to shake off your anxious feelings

It’s so important when you’re trying to manage anxiety to find what works for you to shift the anxious feelings. Unfortunately I can’t tell you “the answer” because it tends to be different for every person. For some, yoga works brilliantly, others find running more effective. Some people find being around other people helps to diffuse anxious feelings (which is incredibly difficult at the minute), others find social situations make anxiety worse. I’ve worked with clients who need to get out in nature to shift anxiety, others prefer to take time alone in their own house. Basically you have to experiment until you find what works for you. Then find a way to remind yourself that you need to do these things regularly to manage your anxiety.

I’ve included a couple of yoga practices for you to help shift anxiety. They’re are a mix of fertility and pregnancy practices but really would be effective whichever stage you’re at. If you’re brand new to fertility or pregnancy yoga I have free downloadable guides to get you started.

Talk to someone

There is nothing worse when you’re feeling anxious than keeping those thoughts to yourself. I’ve been there many times before. If I don’t share how I’m feeling, the anxious thoughts tend to just roll around and around in my head, becoming more overwhelming by the minute. Obviously talking to a counsellor or someone trained in this area is ideal, but if you’re not ready for that, open up to someone close to you. I also work with women virtually if you’d like to book a session.

Use writing as therapy

Writing out your thoughts can be a really effective way to manage anxiety during COVID-19. I find I always turn to journalling when I’m feeling anxious. Having to form coherent sentences with my thoughts somehow unjumbles them in my head so that I feel clearer afterwards. The best part is that all you need is a pen and piece of paper to get started.

I hope you find these tips help you to manage your anxiety. If you have any other ideas that work for you, please share them in the comments for others to read. Stay well. x

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