Christmas Traditions – Homemade wrapping paper 3 years on.

Wrapping paper tradition


Today’s post is exactly why I love blogging so much.  I love being able to compare Eamon each year, to see how he has changed.  Last year I thought he was so big compared to our first year.  But now looking at the photos of him this year I now see how little he really was. Will I do this every year? Look back and think how little he was?


Yes he was talking last year, but not really saying many words. Now we have full sentences and questions.  Oh the questions! 

Last year he was walking. But now we just run.  Often away from me which drives me insane!

Last year he was still very dependent on me and now I have this little independent person who has very strong opinions about what he likes and dislikes.


christmas wrapping


I also love that these little things we do year after year, also capture how we’ve changed and moved on.  Our first christmas wrapping was done in Bell. The house we brought Eamon home to. The place we met and fell in love.  Our very first family home.


wrapping paper


Last year, we were in a little flat, just Eamon and I, whilst Andrew and I were separated. Everything was uncertain and I felt unsettled.  I remember being sad about it almost being Christmas because I felt like I couldn’t look forward to my favourite time of year whilst I was so sad about my family falling apart.


And now this year.  I love that you can see the progress of our house renovations and dirt pit of a backyard behind Eamon.  I love that next year I will probably look back on this year and wonder what I was so stressed about.


christmas wrapping tradition

But mostly, I love that looking back on these photos of Eamon just makes me so damn proud.  So proud to be his Mama and so proud that this is my boy. Yes I know he isn’t doing anything out of the ordinary in any of these posts.  He is just a kid having fun with a bit of paint, so his cheapskate thrifty Mum doesn’t have to buy wrapping paper.  But seriously, look at my boy!


Ok gushing over.  Thank you for humouring this emotionally charged pregnant Mama.  What Christmas traditions do you do each year?

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