Christmas Traditions – Home made stamped Christmas wrapping paper

This is our second year making our own wrapping paper so I’m calling it – it’s officially our Christmas tradition.

Last year was somewhat of a messy disaster.  Eamon was only just crawling, he ripped the paper as he crawled and wanted to eat everything.  (By the way it’s definitely worth checking out last year’s photos – rolls for days!)

This year I cut out some shapes (Christmas tree, star and holly leaf) out of sponge and gave Eamon two colours to work with.  Of course it quickly deteriorated into finger painting…

My favourite part of the whole tradition is comparing how far we’ve come from last year.  Last year he was a chubby crawling baby, this year a boy who talks and walks and was oh so serious about this task of making wrapping paper.

I can’t wait to see how next year compares.  Now all I need is some presents to wrap.

8 Responses to “Christmas Traditions – Home made stamped Christmas wrapping paper

  • Lila Wolff
    10 years ago

    So gorgeous! and a lovely tradition, I think we might have to add it to our holiday activities!

  • Best wrapping paper ever! x

  • MotherDownUnder
    10 years ago

    He is too cute!
    We used empty toilet paper rolls this year…I really like the way the circles came out…of course we have one piece with circles and the rest are all finger painting smears!

  • littleoldsouls
    10 years ago

    Haha I love that we all sacrifice most just for a few that turn out how we intended.

  • littleoldsouls
    10 years ago

    It certainly is. This kid is an artist in the making. 😉

  • littleoldsouls
    10 years ago

    You definitely should. I wonder how old he will be when he finally says ‘enough!’

  • Wow, you and MDU are so much more organised than me, I just plonk Jarvis on the paper give him paints, crayons or pencils and just let him go for it. Out wrapping paper is a lot more chaotic.

  • Cassandra Michelin
    10 years ago

    I LOVE THIS xoxo

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