Christmas gift ideas for boys (Ages 3, 6, 9)

Christmas gift ideas for boys can be tricky. At least I find them more difficult than buying for my nieces anyway. I don’t mean to alarm anyone but there are 10 days left until Christmas and I am organised. This never happens. Literally never. 

Usually I start thinking about Christmas shopping in mid-December and madly try and get everything in the last few days before Christmas. Not fun. 

This year I finally got my act together and embraced online shopping. I’ve also embraced coming up with an idea and then acting on it straight away.

Rather than my usual… sit on the idea for a while… deliberate… shop around for the best price… go in to the shop and have a look… think some more… and then finally try and buy it when there is barely any stock left…

This year I’ve done a quick price comparison online… then wham… bam… purchase.  (Let me also recognise my privilege in being able to do this in that we have money saved for Christmas presents. There have been many years where this hasn’t been the case).

It feels SO good to have all my presents sorted for the boys (and most of our nieces and nephews) and not having to stress about it anymore. 

In the spirit of sharing is caring here is what we’ve bought for our boys this year. Our strategy for Christmas presents is usually one expensive present each, a book and pjs and then some inexpensive fun little stocking stuffers. I’d rather pay $$ for one really good present than lots of rubbish ones.

** I will try to link as many of these ideas as I can. Some of these links may be affiliate links. This just means I may receive a small commission if you end up purchasing (but don’t worry it doesn’t come at any additional cost to you.)**

Christmas Gift ideas for boys

Gift ideas for 9 year old boys

Mountain bike

Book: Kay’s Anatomy: A Complete (and Completely Disgusting) Guide to the Human Body

Gift ideas for 6 year old boys

A tough camera because… well… boys (need I say more)

Book – The Bad Guys

Gift ideas for 3 year old boys

Ride-on car

Book – Wombat Stew

Stocking stuffer ideas for boys

Bath bombs – My boys are obsessed with these. Also it means no arguments about getting in the bath. So winning!

Fidget toys – I’m not sure why these have become so popular, but my boys have been wanting them all year.

Nerf gun bullets – All our bullets have been lost, eaten by the dog (or by Luca). I’ll probably regret this purchase.

Sweets – Luca (3) would be happy if this was all he got for Christmas.

Spot it card game – A crowd favourite and easy to play with little ones

Uno – Need I say more?

Watch – Remember when watches used to cost a lot? Yeah, not anymore.

So that’s it. What are you getting your boys this Christmas?

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