Centred Sundays.

I never really understood why Sundays were so important to some people until I went back to work.  Now my Sundays are carefully guarded. I try not to plan too much (or anything) otherwise I end up going into Monday feeling like I’m already behind.  The mental feeling of playing catch up all week is just not worth it.

There is clearly a reason why Sundays were traditionally a day of rest and it is a shame for many of us that we no longer follow this.  The fact that everything is virtually the same on a Sunday, as on a Monday in the business world doesn’t encourage us to take the break we need to re-charge. And when you live with a shift worker, weekends start to lose their ‘feeling’ of being different to weekdays. But I need my Sundays to be slow. I need to hit the ground running on Monday and get past my three days of work feeling on top of everything rather than dragging my feet.


So now, Sundays have become a day of rest and prepping for the next week. We typically have a slow morning; long breakfasts or a short early morning beach trip. A quick shop to get fruit / veg and other essentials for some baking later in the afternoon.  Lunchtime usually involves a nap for little people and big.  Whilst the afternoon is filled with baking and if Andrew is home I’ll grab a few hours in the afternoon to do some school planning or blog writing whilst he and Eamon do something.  Otherwise I spend Sunday night after Eamon is in bed doing this work.


My Sundays now look very different to my pre-kid days.  I sometimes find myself dreaming of  Sundays past where we would sleep late, nursing a slightly sore head from too much fun the night before and spend the day lazing about watching movies and reading, before maybe venturing out mid-afternoon.  Now the prospect of an early bed and feeling good the next day has to be heavily weighed up against the potential for fun of the night before and often the former is chosen (not always, but often).  Apparently we went and grew up or something. When did that happen?!


So tell me. What does Sunday look like at your place? Do you have a routine carefully protected to ensure the next week runs smoothly, or is it your free day to do as you please?

Join me on Instagram next Sunday, by tagging your photos #centredsundays.  Let’s bring back the day of rest.

6 Responses to “Centred Sundays.

  • Naomi @ Not Just A Mummy
    10 years ago

    Totally with you on feeling like you’re already on the back foot if you pack Sunday too full of ‘stuff’. I found I was falling into that trap, pretty much in a quest to make Sunday ‘stand out’ from the rest of the week. Think it’s probably got something to do with me being home most of the week and wanting some differentiation between weekdays and weekends! We seem to be finding our flow now though with a lazy Sunday morning followed by the beach or a trip to the markets then naps all around! Definitely adhering to the old ‘A sunday well spent brings a week of contentment’ adage!

  • MotherDownUnder
    10 years ago

    I love teaching hypnobirthing but I miss my weekends!
    I taught both Saturday and Sunday this week so I feel totally out of control right now…I finally got some food in the house but nothing has been prepped or baked, no blog posts have been planned, I don’t really know what the week holds since I didn’t have a chance to even look at my calendar this weekend!
    My ideal Sunday is a walk to the cafe, a trip to the shops with Toddler C, and then a lazy afternoon baking, blogging and pottering around the house, followed by a family dinner and The Block!

  • Trudie Bristow
    10 years ago

    Being at stay at home mum trying to run my own business I still look forward to the weekend, it’s that extra set of hands with hubby being for the weekend. It’s adult company, conversation and family time. We have no routine for Sundays but many a Sunday is spent with a leisurely walk through a market, car boot sale even a trip to Bunnings and an early lunch a sausage sizzle if we’ve been at Bunnings. I hate going into a Monday and school run feeling like I’m chasing my tail.

  • Both Justin and I work all over the week. So sometimes our Sunday is on a Thursday… Hmm well it is a day that we call our family day. A day of connection.

  • It doesn’t matter what actual day it is, does it. As long as you have that ‘reset’ time. x

  • Lucky you for having a hubby home on regular days. Can’t beat a trip to bunnings!

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