Blue days

blue days

Do you ever have those days where you just feel down for no particular reason? Where nothing remarkable happens and you spend the majority of the day just feeling flat?


I’m sure it’s a total first world problem but one I’ve had trouble shaking myself out of lately.  The last few days even the smallest tasks feel like a huge deal. Eamon’s melt downs (which usually don’t affect me) have me either reacting in anger or joining him for a good ol’ cry. (Which I’m sure confuses him no end.) I’m also positive that’s number one in the “what not to do with the toddler manual” but I just can’t seem to help it.


Things I’ve cried over in the last few days have included; a pile of washing up that just seemed too big to tackle, spilt nail polish, having to go to the toilet for the thousandth time after going to bed, having nothing to do, having too much to do… you get the idea.


Today I decided I needed to stop moping around and get myself out of this mood.


I tried…

– making something for myself.  Failed. {Eamon grabbed all of my beads and threw them under the couch}

– chocolate. Failed.

– cleaning the house. Failed {why I thought this would work, I have no idea?}

– organising beach catch up with friends. Failed. {thanks rain!}

– going for a proper ‘get your heart pumping’ walk by myself on the beach.  Winning!


I don’t think I’m completely out of my funk but I defintely feel a LOT better for finally doing some exercise without answering a million and one questions at the same time.


Moral of the story. I need to move my butt more.


Can you relate?  Do you find yourself having blue days for no particular reason?


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