Bedtime routines for Mums



Hands up if your bedtime routines for your kids are practiced every night without fail. A series of actions at calming them down and easing them into a restful night sleep (or so we can hope!). I know every family is different but I’d be pretty confident in guessing that it goes something like this: warm bath, pjs, soothing drink, story, cuddle, zzzzzz…


Now, keep your hands up if your own bedtime routines go a little like this…


Glance at the time in between channel surfing / scrolling instagram / ‘pinning’ away to your hearts content. Realise ‘shit – it’s 10.30 and you still haven’t cleaned the kitchen’. Decide it’s far too late to start and resolve to do it first thing when the kids go to bed tomorrow night.


Do the bare minimum in self-care (i.e brush teeth and wee), have one final scroll of instagram before putting your phone on the bedside table and trying to go to sleep.


It’s no wonder we find ourselves unable to turn off our brains or having restless sleeps (and I’m not just talking about the type that can be blamed on little people).


I’ve been trying to be strict with myself lately and following a bit of a routine to wind down, because I know I sleep better when I do.  Mine involves: cozy pjs, cup of tea, a bit of reading and then lights out with NO phone or iPad in the room.  And when I can’t sleep because of an overthinking brain or restless body – I get up and do a little bit of gentle yoga or meditation.


I’ve had a few requests for a bedtime yoga sequence that you can either do solo or involve your kids.  This one is so gentle you can either do it in bed or on your mat and this one will have you rolling straight into sleep afterwards.


Give it a try and let me know how you go.  And if you want more like this. Jump on the studio for access to all my classes.  You can start a free 30 day trial today.


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