Baby boy’s bloomer pattern and tutorial

Baby Boy's BloomersPattern & Tutorial-2

I had grand plans to sew a lot of things for this baby boy.  And here I am at 38 weeks and all I’ve made is a change table cover and these bloomers.  Oh well.  It wasn’t meant to be I guess.

These bloomers are so simple that once you’ve made one pair, you’ll be able to knock up a few more in barely half an hour.

I made these from a soft jersey knit but I’ve also previously used this pattern with cotton as well. (Using a knit means not having to finish raw edges so it’s even faster!)

Step 1.

Download the bloomer pattern here. (Make sure you check the scale when printing otherwise who knows what size you’ll end up making. Stick the two pages together and cut out your size.  (There are two options – newborn to 3 months and 3 to 6 months).


Step 2.

Fold your fabric with right sides together and pin pattern to it.  Cut.  (Ignore the note on the pattern that says to cut two of main and two of lining – this is only if you want to make reversible pants – which I’ll show you how to do if I ever get around to making something else for this bub).


Step 3.

Fold each piece over so that the inner thigh seam matches up, sew (right sides together).


Step 4.

Turn one leg inside out and place it inside the other.  Pin as you can see in the image below and sew along pinned edge.


Step 5.

Turn both pieces inside out.


Step 6.

Create a casing for elastic on legs and waist band by folding them over twice and sewing around edge. Make sure you leave a gap to thread the elastic through and that you fold enough over to fit elastic in.


Step 7.

Thread elastic through using a safety pin and pull together until it is as gathered as you’d like it.  Sew elastic ends together with a zigzag stitch.

Step 8.

Sew closed the gap in casing.


Did you get a chance to sew for your second baby or were you still too busy with the first like I am?

4 Responses to “Baby boy’s bloomer pattern and tutorial

  • jenifher
    8 years ago

    which is the length of the elastic band for the waistband and the leg?
    thank you!!
    Amazing what you do!!

      8 years ago

      Oh thank you. I made my elastic roughly half the circumference of the original opening, so just lay your bloomers flat and fold over twice adding a little extra for crossover when sewing. For soft elastic you could make it a little tighter.

  • Susan Tedrahn
    3 years ago

    Looking for a pattern that includes the plastic making them water proof.

    • Bettina Rae
      3 years ago

      If you use PUL fabric on the inside it would be waterproof.

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