Why I’m making anti-resolutions this year



Yes I’m talking resolutions in February, what of it?

At the start of January I wrote a few goals down, but I’ve been very aware this year that I may actually achieve none of them, and my biggest goal of all is to just go with the flow of this baby and family life and not stress about everything like I did last time.


For the record most of my resolutions that I wrote for the start of January were boringly practical things like “apply for paid parental leave”, “lodge tax” and “find box with baby clothes”.  I’ve done two of the three on that list so not too bad I guess.


But as far as whole year long goals go I thought anti-resolutions might be better for me this year instead.  Either way, things I want to stop doing this year is a much easier list to write.

  1.  I will not take on any big commitments for the next 12 months
  2.  I will not stress about money whilst on maternity leave and waste the time I do have off with my babies worrying about if and when I have to go back to work.
  3.  I will not get annoyed at having to be at home all day with two small people, especially when it is my choice to be at home all day with two small people.
  4. I will not make excuses for why I can’t take an hour away from said small people
  5. I will not take complete exhaustion out on Andrew (unless he does particularly annoying – ha!)
  6. I will not push myself to keep going when I really need a big ol’ nap
  7. I will not forget to ask for help.
  8. I will not forget to care for me whilst busy caring for everyone else.
  9. I will not be a complete hermit because it seems too hard to leave the house with two small people
  10. I will not beat myself up when I fail to even keep my anti-resolutions


Have you made resolutions this year? Any anti-resolutions you want to make?


* And yes the photo above is mostly unrelated other than the fact that this is exactly what our life looks like at the minute. Me, horizontal. Eamon using me in whatever game he is playing.

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  • My resolution for the year was.. Learn to believe in myself and take steps forwards. So this can be applied and interpreted in many ways.

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