A new years practice for those of you who feel stuck

Have you ever sat down to write your New Years resolutions and just felt completely overwhelmed and unsure where to start?

I certainly have.

Especially at times in my life when the year ahead has felt completely unknown. Like last year (because Andrew was trialling for new job – one that could mean a move for us). Or in the years when I’ve been waiting for a baby to arrive. Or in the years when I was desperately trying to have our third baby.

I struggled to write any set goals those years because I knew so much of the year ahead was simply not up to me.

new years practice

So if you’re feeling stuck because… you’re waiting for a baby to arrive, or you’re waiting for those two pink lines, or you’re waiting for your period to arrive so you can start your next round of IVF, or you have little ones at home and no time to plan anything other than surviving … I’ve created this yoga practice for the New Year for you.

I wanted to create a new years practice for all of us to start our year together. Whichever stage of motherhood you’re currently in, this practice is suitable for your body and (I hope) will help you to feel ready to embrace the new year that is ahead of us.

Happy New Year friends. I hope this one gifts you everything you want and opens your heart to everything you need to learn.

If you’re brand new to yoga I have free guides for fertility and pregnancy for you to download.

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