A meditation for when life feels heavy / it’s not enough – but it’s a start.

This meditation is not what I had planned to share this week. What I had planned to share feels insignificant and trivial, given the state of the world.

I can feel myself not wanting to share anything. Even now, I’d rather do anything than write. I’d rather bury my head in a Netflix series and numb out. I’d rather drink a couple too many glasses of wine. I can feel my body and mind seeking busy, just wanting to avoid it all. Thinking and feeling right now just feels painful.

And yet, what an utter privilege it is to be able to do that. To be able to switch off from the atrocities and devastation is an absolute privilege. I know this.


I also know that exisiting in this world, where your ordinary life continues alongside the awareness of everything that is happening in the world simmering beneath the surface – is also hard.

No, it’s not as hard as what others are going through. But you are allowed to admit that you are struggling in your regular daily life, even when the comparative suffering of others is obviously greater.

Suffering isn’t a competition.

So if you’ve been struggling this week. If you feel heavy and unsure with everything that is going on in the world.

Start with this meditation. Start with you.

It’s not enough. How can it be? But it can be a start.

Give yourself the time to centre your energy within yourself so that you can know what the next right step is.

Hold yourself first. Then, maybe you’ll be able to hold others.

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