A matter of perspective.

My little scholar in the making.

Before having Eamon I was teaching high school English, History and Drama at our local (very) small school.  It was a job I loved and couldn’t actually imagine wanting to do anything else.  I originally thought I would probably take about 9 months to a year off and then head back to almost full time work.  (Don’t ask me how I thought I would make that work, I hadn’t really thought it through clearly).

However my perspective on work has turned out to be yet another way motherhood has surprised me.  So far I have only returned to supply teaching (filling in when another teacher is sick) and I am more than happy with only one or two days a fortnight.  I am yet to feel the strong pull back to teaching and am more than happy juggling sewing, writing and studying, whilst spending my days with Eamon.

Yesterday I worked a day with a year 6/7 class and after the constant neediness of an almost one year old, these students were amazingly self-sufficient.  They knew their routine and at times even told me what came next.  {Can I also say I am incredibly lucky to work in a nice small country school with lovely kids.}

Whilst I enjoyed my day (especially the break from having no personal space) it all feels very different somehow.  There were even moments of time during the day where I had a moment to myself, which is not something I remember from full time teaching; I was always go, go, go. Perhaps I just never appreciated those moments before, until they did actually completely disappear from my day.

It is very strange for me now to even be able to sit  for five minutes without being crawled over, pinched or bitten (yes, we have a biter. Awesome). Or to even eat lunch without having to share it with a small person who person who chews it, then spits it out into your hand for no other reason than ‘he’s done’. 

I’m not entirely sure that my days at work feel so different now because I no longer have to plan lessons or mark (and therefore aren’t as busy) or because I am no longer involved direction of the school.  Is it because my role has changed or is it simply a matter of perspective?  Do I feel so different, because I am different? 

For now I don’t know how to answer the question of ‘when will you go back to teaching?’ At the moment it is an impossibility with the lack of childcare out here, but I am not sure I will rush back when we move either.  For now I am just enjoying the fact that I am able to have a choice rather than being forced back by bills.  Although I am open to the idea that our situation, and even my motivation, might change at any time and I might be applying to go back next semester, who knows?!

What about you? Did you feel the same about work after having a baby? Were you still motivated?

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9 Responses to “A matter of perspective.

  • I like going to work because quite honestly I like the break from Toddler C…I l think I am a much better mother because of the three days a week I spend at work. I get a bit of a social break and it does challenge me mentally. And it leaves me excited to spend time with Toddler C.

    But if I won the lottery I would quit. I would still send Toddler C to child care probably two days a week and then I would do something from home…like put all my blogging plans into action!

    • Bettina Rae
      10 years ago

      That completely makes sense to me and is exactly what I thought I would be like. But I’m not there yet. Maybe I’m still too attached? Maybe I’m having too much fun sewing and blogging and …?

  • I’m going back to work in 4 weeks, for only 2 days a week, but I really don’t want to. With my first child in was kind of ready to go back, to have some adult interaction, but this time around I’m not as keen…. I think its partly because Tully is a much easier baby than Flynn was so I enjoy being home with her more, but also because the upper management of my company was so disjointed and disorganised when I left I just don’t want into put up with that anymore….

    • Bettina Rae
      10 years ago

      I can definitely see how that would put you off. Good luck for when you go back!

  • I have one prac and one class, to go at uni to finish my Grad Dip of Education and I have no desire to finish my degree. Which if you knew how much I love study you would know what a shocker of a statement that is. For various reason, my prac totally turned me off teaching. Even though I have tutored for years and loved it.. Now I am at a loss as what to do about my almost completed degree.
    On a totally different note, I too have a biter. I was thinking today, just once it would be nice to go to the toilet on my own. Jarvis likes to stand in front of me and hand me one square of loo paper at a time. Making a stack on my knee, then handing me the stack to use. The bathroom door does not lock, so he will push and shove at it, even head butting it and crying, until I let him in.
    I am yet to return to work, even bit of my soul does not want to, bar for the fact I would be able to go to the toilet on my own. I just need to figure out how we can afford for me to stay at home until Jarvis starts school. I worked fulltime with Tamika, returning to work not long after she was born, and I hated it. I would cry because of how much I missed her and I swore I would never miss another of my babies childhood ever again.


    • Bettina Rae
      10 years ago

      hahah your description of the toilet saga cracks me up! Eamon follows me in and tries to grab the toilet brush! ewww!
      On your other point. My pracs were terrible but real teaching is nothing like it, so don’t necessarily give up yet.

  • Hello Bettina,
    I’m stopping by from the GFC blog hop – thanks for linking up with us!
    I think that your priorities change after you have kids, and so going back to work is just never the same afterward… kind of like your waistline… lol.
    Happy Tuesday!

  • I went back to work full time for 3 months and then decided to work about 1 day a week. (Thankfully work was flexible) I love having my time at home with him, but definitely enjoy my days at work. And we have a biter too. When he is angry, he grabs your hand and bites. Hoping this ends soon!

  • Hi Bettina, just found you via the GFC Blog Hop – my links were 169 and 170. I have followed you and do hope you follow me back. I am a Kiwi blogger – so almost your cousin! Cheers

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