5 yoga poses for when you don’t have time for yoga

There really is nothing like an hour long uninterrupted yoga practice, is there? But some days (read. most days) the reality as a mother is that even making to your mat is a bloody miracle.


So these poses are for those days. These are the top 5 yoga poses for when you don’t have time for yoga.  You can include them in your day without even unrolling your mat.



Forward folds. (Standing or seated) Bending the knees and folding from the hips is my go to morning pose. Practice this one whilst waiting for the kettle to boil or when playing on the floor with kids to stretch out the back of the legs. Your back will thank you as sore backs are usually the result of tight hamstrings.


Chair pose. This is the one many people love to hate. It strengthens in the legs, builds heat in the core as you lift the chest and arms towards the sky. To challenge further lower into the legs whilst also lifting the heart upwards. Hold and breathe between


Plank pose. Core tightening, arm strengthening and heat building all in one. Hold plank from the knees or feet for as long as you can whilst playing with little people on the floor.


Thread the needle. Twisting out the spine helps realign the back and feels especially good in the upper back and shoulders if you’ve been hunched over a feeding baby.



Warriors. Kids driving you up the wall? Sink yourself down into a warrior, build leg strength and a bit of heat and remind yourself that you can handle whatever they throw at you!




What’s your favourite go to pose when you don’t have time for yoga?

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