32 week pregnancy update and what the boy’s think about having a new baby brother

32 week pregnancy update


I’ve been meaning to do pregnancy updates this whole pregnancy and it’s only taken me until 32 weeks to do it! Better late than never though, right?


You can either read on, or watch the vlog version below.  I have to say though,thoroughly recommend watching the video version because I also interview the boys on what they think about having a new baby brother on the way and Rory’s answer to where he thinks the baby comes out is PRICELESS (For the record he totally knows the answer).

32 week pregnancy update


+ I’m actually feeling really good at the moment. I seem to have more energy than the previous two trimesters, which is very strange but I’m trying not to wish the extra energy away!


+ Fingers crossed, but my blood pressure even feels good at the minute. I’ve had more energy, my head doesn’t spin after walking up the stairs and I even practiced a whole yoga class the other day. (Go me!)


+ Pregnancy insomnia is still getting me though. I was up for 3 hours the other night. I’d love to tell you I was super productive during those three hours. But really, I drank tea and watched youtube.


+ The nesting bug has hit me BIG TIME.  I’m trying to do it bit by bit rather than all at once like I want to do.  Lounge room was overhauled the other day. Next on my list is the boys room, the pantry & kitchen and my wardrobe.


+ Anxiety wise, I think I’m doing ok. I do still have anxious thoughts where my brain goes into ‘oh god – what if he is not okay in there’.  But he is seriously the most active baby. It’s almost like he knows that I need the constant reassurance and is giving it to me by squirming all day long.


Alright, If you haven’t already go and check out the end of the vlog above to watch my interview with the boys on what they think about a new baby brother on the way. I know I’m completely biased but it’s adorable.

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