14 Day Yoga Reset Day 1 – Find your flow.

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Happy New Year!


Today is officially the first day of the 14 Day Yoga Reset – my latest FREE offering.


If you sign up this program involves ten minute yoga classes delivered to your inbox every day, a simple daily challenge to start resetting old habits, a free 2016 family and dream planner to get yourself organised, a reflection booklet to let 2015 go properly, free access to some of my online yoga studio classes and more!


If you’re looking for a fresh start in 2016 that you can do alongside your kids this program is for you.


And it’s not too late to sign up. This program will be available for all of 2016.  Your day one will just arrive the day following your sign up. Sign up here http://eepurl.com/bI5_uH


I hope you welcomed in the New Year in a way that made you feel good (and hopefully without too much of a sore head this morning) – and I hope you’re feeling energised and motivated for the new year.
We’re going to jump straight into our physical yoga practice today because all the planning and dreaming is GREAT but it’s the action that will move us forward.
Day 1 is all about finding your flow.  Getting started on something new is usually the hardest part of the whole process. Once you find a bit of momentum it is often far easier then to keep going.


So today we’re going to flow straight into our practice with sun salutations to build some heat and energy.


If you’d like to do more than the ten minutes you can join visit my youtube channel for more free videos or join my online yoga studio for extended classes to practice.
The 14 Day Yoga Reset also includes a daily task or challenge to help you start setting some good habits for the new year. Today’s task is also about energy and flow – to drink 2L or more of water.  I always make sure my boys drink lots of water but often forget about myself! Did you know that not having enough water makes your body think there is a shortage which creates stress?
So although it’s one of those simple things to change it can make a huge difference to how we feel by the end of the day.
Hopefully you’ve also set one of your own goals for today and are ticking that off on the calendar as well. Don’t worry about trying to make massive dramatic changes all in one day – small steps are where it’s at.

Our lives are made up of the small habits we repeat every day so just change one at a time


Make sure you sign up so you don’t miss tomorrow’s class. See you on your mat!


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