10 minute yoga – restorative yoga and feminine energy



Last week I wrote about finding balance in life and in a yoga practice.  This week I’d like to take a guess that the way most of us are out of balance is our lack of time to rest.


Although I’m not sure ‘lack of time’ is the right expression.  Perhaps ‘lack of value’ we place on rest would be a better way to describe it.


I am the first person who needs to put their hand up and admit to having an obsession with DOING. Though I think our society as a whole has this obsession too. I’m kind of embarrassed to say that I’ve actually had to make rules for myself to make myself rest, otherwise I inevitably find something else I’d rather be doing instead.  (I try to turn off devices by 9pm and just read, and lights out by 10pm).


I find when I get caught up in the constant doing, doing, doing – I get snappy and irritable very easily.  It’s that masculine energy that whilst helpful in motivating us to actually get stuff done is not very helpful when it comes to relationships, with our partners or our kids.


But rest, is the perfect way to drop into that feminine energy instead.


If I give myself time to rest, even if its just 5 minutes to enjoy a cup of tea without distraction I am far more likely to be able to deal with the constant requests of little people, or be able to respond nicely when Andrew is looking for something vitally important 5 minutes before he has to leave for work. (Is my husband the only one who does this?!)


[As an aside, it’s the feminine energy you need to drop into to feel sexy too, so if you are feeling all out of whack there (which I think happens for a LOT of Mum’s) – there is probably a chance you’re a bit out of balance with your masculine and self-care needs to be put on the top of your agenda]


So today’s yoga class is a restorative practice.  It’s about dropping into the slow lane and rebalancing out all the masculine energy you have to use to run a household, be successful at work and basically just get stuff done.


This class will help you tap into that feminine part of you. So go find your yoga mat, maybe light a candle and melt into this restorative practice.


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