10 minute yoga for Mums – power of the breath

power of the breath

Do you know the power of the breath? Do you know how you can use it to make you feel better in an instant?


Before we jump into anything today. I’d like to ask you to do something for me.


Take a moment to notice how you are feeling. Are you drinking your morning coffee feeling a bit anxious about ALL THE THINGS you have to do today? Are you sitting on the floor playing with your kids looking for some sort of distraction, anything to take your mind off what feels both incredibly mundane and difficult at the same time? Have you just gotten home from work and are feeling exhausted from juggling everyone’s needs?


Whatever you’re feeling I want you to take a big breath in. As big as you can. Fill your lungs all the way to the top of your chest. Then hold them full for the count of 5.


Now… as slowly as you can let the air leave through your nose and be conscious of it leaving. Notice how the air feels on the tip of your nose. Notice the chest and belly deflating. Notice too how your body is feeling a little bit more relaxed – able to tackle whatever is in front of you. (Feel free to repeat if you need more!)


The breath is our most powerful tool and one that many of us don’t use very much at all. In today’s class I’d like to introduce you to its power and encourage you to use it both on and off your mat.



I’d love to hear how you go with this class. Leave me a comment here, or on any of my social media. I read every single one of them.


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