10 minute yoga – baby wearing yoga

baby wearing yoga sequence

I’m sharing a baby wearing yoga sequence with you today. I’m always stuck for how to introduce videos to you.  I seem to always say the same thing… ‘here’s the video – enjoy!’


So I thought today I’d give you five reasons why you should do baby wearing yoga

1. It may be the only yoga (or exercise) you get if you have an unsettled baby.

2. The added weight makes the poses harder for you = you get stronger, faster.

3. The deep breathing you’ll be doing can help calm an unsettled baby, remember they’re vibe-ing off you.  If you’re calm, they are more likely to be.

4.  You can slow down your practice, rather than feeling like you have to rush through to get finished before your baby wakes.  (If they’re anything like mine, they only wake the second you sit down, or take them out of the wrap).

5.  It gives you a good excuse to buy that second, third or fourth sling/wrap/carrier you’ve been coveting.  (Don’t tell me I’m the only one with this obsession!)


So because I know you’re busting to get to the goods now… ‘here’s the video – enjoy!’



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