10 minute Core Power Flow Yoga

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Do you know, I don’t really care one bit whether you still have the remnants of a baby belly, whether you still look a little bit pregnant, whether you currently have a food baby, or whether you’ve found your way back to a 6-pack.


What I care about is whether you back aches by the end of the day…


I care if you have lingering sciatica or pelvis pain…


I care if you have a wee little problem…


I care if you feel self conscious about this area…


Because ALL of these things can be related to a weak core.

Our core strength holds our posture correctly and supports our back.

It helps to realign our pelvis and helps to reduce sciatica pain.

The core works in conjunction with the pelvic floor to stop said wee little problem.

And of course a strong core can help to make you feel less self-conscious – NOT when you have the potentially unlikely 6-pack, but right now – because you are making positive steps to feel better.


That being said this 10 minute core power flow yoga class will have your middle section firing, creating great heat and building strength.


Before starting this one make sure you check out my 3 part core rebuilding series which takes you through checking for abdominal separation and builds up slowly to the strength needed for this class.



If you enjoy this class make sure you check out my online studio for the full length version of all my classes. You can practice anytime, anywhere.  And if you like practicing with me I’d appreciate your support – please share this class with your friends.



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