The good, bad & funny – how’s your week been?

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I’ve decided I miss blogging. You know… how it used to be. When we did it just for the sake of it.


When we just wrote to share what we were up to. Before I had all this info in my head about ‘the top best 5 ways to blog’ and ‘how to best connect with your audience.’


Gah! I’m so done with all of that.


In many ways all of that just paralysed me from the actual writing. I wanted to do it ‘right’. I wanted to make sure I was writing stuff that was worthwhile and helpful and actually serving a purpose and blah blah blah.


But really, I just want to write. FULL STOP.


Not everything in life is purposeful and helpful so why does everything I write have to be? Maybe it’s the act of writing that is important and actually having to say something profound or meaningful that makes it worthwhile.


So here we are… a blog post that feels very much like how it used to be. ‘Just’ a recap on our week – and an invitation to share yours with me. I hope this becomes a regular thing.


The Good.

I’m fiiiiiiinnnnalllly on the winning side of this crazy flu that has had hold of me for the last 3 and a bit weeks.  I’ve never appreciated more how good just feeling normal really is.


The Bad.

Ummm… so it’s not crazy terrible, but Facebook banned me from using ads… like… ever. They won’t tell me why and ‘decisions are final.’ Just that I broke some T&C guideline and they ‘don’t support my business model.’  My only guess is that I shared a post advertising fertility classes and shared our story. Apparently bad news stories are not welcome on Facebook. I’ve decided to view this as a sign from the universe that I need to spend less time of Facebook, anyone else?


The Funny.

Rory has learned how to wink. Which would just be cute except, at two, he seems to also have worked out how to use it in context.

He hit Eamon the other day and Andrew called them both over.

‘Did you hit Eamon?’

Rory shakes his head with a straight face.

(Wait for it) Then winks.

God help us when he is a teenager.


So that’s it around here. What’s happening in your world? Tell me your Good, Bad and Funny – or maybe all three! If you blog and write a post like this, drop me your link in the comments.


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