Parenting ups and downs…

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Oh parenting… What a fun gig, hey?


No seriously. It’s funny – can you remember what you thought you were getting into when you signed up for this?


I have vague snippets of what I envisaged having kids would be like before I had them.


I’m almost embarrassed to admit how idealistic they were now.


I can tell you what I didn’t imagine.


I didn’t imagine having to say on repeat any of the following – “get your hands out of your pants”, “No! We don’t lick feet! Or doors, or walls, or windows?!” “No! Don’t put your hands in your mouth you just touched your bum!”


I didn’t imagine ever looking forward to grocery shopping just to have half an hour of time ‘to myself’.


I didn’t imagine the defiance – the down right stubbornness to do anything other than what they want to do.. at a mere TWO years old.


I didn’t imagine struggling to keep a straight face while disciplining over something that really is utterly hilarious, but also incredibly naughty.


I didn’t imagine the frustrating repetitiveness of it all.


I didn’t imagine how totally normal bodily functions would become. “Oh you’re going to vomit – sure here – use my hand as a bowl…”


I didn’t imagine how painful parenting could be… from the hits and bites … to head-butts and being jumped on… to stepping on lego at 3am while trying to creep to the loo.


I didn’t imagine how, although I loved them as their squishy baby selves, that as their crazy little personalities developed I would fall in love all over again.




I didn’t imagine how bittersweet all the little steps away would be… daycare… school… friends… playdates… and the fact that my job as a Mum eventually involves making myself somewhat redundant.


I didn’t imagine the flip-flop of emotions. All-consuming love to painful frustration…adoration to annoyance… and round and around and back again.


I didn’t imagine that I’d learn more about myself through Mothering than through anything else.


I didn’t imagine I’d still feel like I have no real clue what I’m doing… 5 years in…


So.. tell me. Parenting – is it what you imagined?


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