The good, bad & funny – how’s your week been?

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Time for this week’s good, bad and funny. I’d love if you’d play along too. Tell me your good, bad and funny moment in the comments or if you blog leave me a link so I can go and check it out.


Because my goal this month is ‘less rambling – more getting straight to the point’ … here we go…


The good.

The studio downstairs is coming along (slowly but surely!).  The bathroom is almost finished. We spent our 7 year anniversary painting the walls (sooo romantic!) and we’re going to be starting the floors tonight. Four weeks til we open – I’m SO excited (and also a fair bit nervous – what if no one comes?!) Check it out here if you’re interested.


The bad.

My acupuncturist  and naturopath sent me for some more bloods to check out how everything has improved since I first started working with them.  Iron is still low but most other things have improved. They also sent me for an AMH test which showed I have low-ovarian reserve.


I had to pick the results up from my GP first and then take them to my appointment, so by this point I had googled my heart out and read allllllllll the horror stories.


When I asked her whether I should be concerned about this number she said ‘No, because you’re doing everything you can to improve your fertility and you’re young and aren’t waiting til you’re 40 to start trying again.’


Then she added… ‘This result is what a Dr. might use to suggest IVF is needed.’


Okaaayyyyy…. but why then was I sent for the damn test?


How is it helpful to know this if even when the results show I have ‘less than optimal’ fertility, it’s ‘not something to worry about’. As if my anxious brain needed anything else to stress about!




The funny.


Eamon had two match box cars sitting on top of each other and we asked him what they were doing.


He giggled and told us they were ‘mating’.


I asked him what that meant and he said it meant they were ‘getting married’ and then exploded into the cheekiest laughter.


Someone’s been watching too much David Attenborough I think.


That’s us in a nutshell this week – how has your week been?


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